Luxury Cabins of Gatlinburg

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Luxury Cabins of Gatlinburg, TN

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Smoky Mountain Winery – Gatlinburg, TN

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with a few friends at Smoky Mountain Winery, it wasn’t a normal afternoon by any means and I rarely every venture out during the week for anything short of work or the kids but friends where in town and I was up for an adventure! They wanted to know the best place in town for wine tasting and specifically wanted to avoid huge crowds so I took them straight to Smoky Mountain Winery. My favorite is Black berry or Raspberry and even though they allow you to test every flavor, I immediately suggested my friends try the two I picked out for them and they loved them!

smoky, mountain, winery, gatlinburg, tn

Smoky Mountain Winery – Gatlinburg, TN

“You can find their facebook here

Smoky Mountain Winery is the perfect place for people who don’t want to be in a mall type setting and are looking for a real winery experience. The wine is made there at Smoky Mountain

blackberry, raspberry, wine, smoky, mountain, winery, gatlinburg, tn

The coveted Blackberry and Raspberry Wine at Smoky Mountain Winery.

Winery right off Hwy. 321 in Gatlinburg and it is all organic and locally grown here in Tennessee. The atmosphere at the Smoky Mountain Winery is old school Gatlinburg, it has ambiance and is not at all campy. The winery is very elegant and exactly what you would expect a winery to look or even smell like. I love the lighting where they store the and set up the wine testing. Most of the wine that is ready to sell is on hand and you can see it being produced and stored there at the Smoky Mountain Winery.

We had the opportunity to speak with one of the wine makers and he was a wealth of information, we spent some time speaking with him

winery, smoky mountain winery, wine, flavor, gatlinburg, tn

Wall of Wine at Smoky Mountain Winery in Gatlinburg.

and then went right back to wine tasting. All in all we spent around two hours there and then my friends that I had not seen ins so long were off on their honeymoon and I felt lucky that they took the time out to spend the few hours with me before they embarked on their honeymoon. We jotted a few notes on the best places I could recommend for them to eat at in Gatlinburg, where to find the best local breakfast and how to avoid the traffic and they were on their way. I felt both satisfied and proud that I could be of some help and that they might have an even smoother weekend because of the tips I gave them. Plus I am sure the brand new bottles of wine from the Smoky Mountain Winery helped set the mood and let the dust from the days travel roll off as they relaxed in their hot tub last night!

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